American Cockroach: Species Characteristics And Pest Control Methods

American Cockroach: Species Characteristics And Pest Control Methods

The infesting species which can affect the environments and, in some cases, also the man, are numerous and very diffused also here in Italy. Among the most annoying, dangerous and difficult to eradicate insects is without any doubt the cockroach.

The cockroach, also called cockroach, has peculiar characteristics which must be well known in order to avoid and eradicate a possible infestation. That is why having clear information about these insects is very useful. First of all, however, it should be specified that there are several subspecies of cockroach: in Italy, for example, there is the American cockroach, German cockroach, also known as the stoker or brown cockroach, in addition to the Eastern cockroach or black cockroach and the supella longipalpa.

Each of these subcategories of cockroach has particular and distinctive characteristics compared to the others, for example, in relation to the habits of life and the type of feeding: knowing them is very important in order to apply the right methods and instruments of removal and pest control.

Let’s now go on to deepen our knowledge of one of the subspecies listed above: the American cockroach.

The American Cockroach: Characteristics Of This Type Of Cockroach

The American cockroach is very widespread in Italy. Present above all in cities, it has characteristics that make it particularly suitable to live and reproduce even in areas of great urbanization. The American cockroach is rather large compared to other types of cockroach, has a long and tapered body and is characterized by a brown color tending to red.

This species of pest has peculiar characteristics compared to other types of cockroach, and to have clear information on life habits, diffusion and conditions that promote its development is the first step to take in order to hope to eradicate a possible infestation.

The scientific name of this infesting species is American periplaneta. As regards the spread of the insect on the territory, we can say that its presence is practically ubiquitous. It is a resistant insect, able to survive also in not ideal conditions: it adapts to live everywhere, but prefers humid environments, whilst it does not have particular difficulties to bear even the low temperatures. It lives mainly in the sewerage system, and it is from there that it moves and can also enter houses or other types of buildings, intended for other uses.

Biological Cycle Of The American Cockroach

As far as the biological cycle is concerned, the American cockroach is an animal which reproduces very fast: its development slows down only in the coldest period of winter, because, if the adult insects are resistant even to low temperatures and survive even in the cold months, the same is not true for the eggs and the larvae, which, on the contrary, need higher temperatures in order to survive and develop. Being an insect which reproduces continuously, laying many eggs, and having also a rather long life (about one year), the presence of American cockroaches in its own house must cause immediate concern, because the multiplication of the present specimens may take place in a really very short time.

The infestations occur more frequently during the summer and spring months: this happens because, as we have said before, the biological and reproductive cycle of the American cockroach works better with the presence of mild temperatures, even if, as already seen, the adult insects survive well also in the cold.

A moment particularly at risk for the infestations is that which follows a possible flood or important rains which have caused floods from the sewage system: seen that, often, these animals live just inside the sewers, an overflow may carry them out and induce them to take shelter in garages, basements or other rooms placed at the level of the road surface, whilst they hardly reach the upper pains, if not, precisely, through the drains of the water.

Professional Pest Control Interventions Against The American Cockroach

Homemade pest control interventions against cockroaches in general and American cockroaches in particular are always possible, but if the infestation is serious or advanced, or if the problem concerns a public establishment, it is necessary to immediately contact a company specialized in pest control.

The methods and techniques of removal or pest control specific to the American cockroach concern both prevention and sanitation actions, as well as the placement of traps to eliminate as many specimens as possible, eventually reaching the nest and preventing the access of new specimens to the property.

Only a professional approach can guarantee a decisive intervention in case of advanced infestations, because it is only a professional pest control service that can guarantee the implementation of truly effective pest control tools, such as insecticide products and working traps.

With regard to insecticides, in particular, they must be approved by the health authorities, both for reasons of safety in the use and use of the premises where they are used and to minimise the risk of environmental impact.

Moreover, professionals in the sector will be able to give all the necessary advice on how to behave to avoid new infestations: the hygiene of the premises, even in the most hidden and difficult to reach places – because it is precisely in these areas that cockroaches nest – is the first countermeasure to be taken to avoid problems with the American cockroach or other types of pests. It is also important to keep food safe, perhaps using precautionary measures such as storing it in sealed containers.


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