Cockroach Eggs: How To Eliminate Them?

Cockroach Eggs: How To Eliminate Them?

Cockroach eggs, in fact, represent a very complex problem to deal with. As it is easy to guess, timing in these cases is really fundamental and, therefore, the first and most important thing to do is to be able to intervene in time, so as to eliminate the problem at its root.

One concept that must be well taken into account is that insects are not only annoying to the eye but, on the contrary, they represent a real danger both for hygiene and, more generally, for safety.

How To Detect Cockroach Eggs?

The most important thing of all is recognition of the problem. If a few cockroaches have been sighted wandering around the house, it is safe to assume that some eggs have been laid.

Obviously, the first action to be taken is to eliminate the cockroaches in question so that they do not continue to lay their eggs. In this respect, it should be pointed out that finding the eggs is by no means easy.

Cockroaches are very careful and, in principle, tend to lay their eggs in places that are difficult to find. This means that it is not easy to come across cockroach eggs.

Finding them, however, is not and completely impossible as long as you know well how they are made. First of all, it should be pointed out that there are different types of eggs and that they vary depending on the beetle that laid them.

The most pests are, without any doubt, the oriental cockroaches but also the American and the so-called Germanic cockroach. In all three typologies there is an easily recognizable characteristic: the eggs are laid in a particular casing that takes the name of ooteca. In essence, it is a particular bag in which there are from 40 to 50 eggs.

Each female cockroach has the possibility to lay even up to 60 ootecas. For this reason, the number of cockroaches grows exponentially in a very short time. Just two female cockroaches, for example, are enough to give shape to a real invasion in full force.

Cockroach Eggs Most Common In Our Country

As mentioned above, Oriental, American and German cockroaches are the most widespread in our country. As for the oriental typology, the eggs are found inside a very dark brown ooteca, with an asymmetrical shape which can be about 0,9 cm long. This type of cockroach can lay about 8 ootecas and, in general, prefers warm, dark and relatively close to some type of food source.

It takes 37 to 81 days to hatch these eggs. After this period, the bat will pass to the so-called nymphs whose phase lasts from 24 to 140 weeks. After that, the insects will be able to reproduce themselves.

As for the Germanic cockroach, the ooteca is slightly smaller. The length, in fact, is only 0.6 cm. In any case, it is decidedly well visible also thanks to its glossy brown color. Inside this ooteca there are, then, 40 eggs. In this regard, it should be borne in mind that each female can even lay up to 6 eggs per year. Unlike the Eastern cockroach, the Germanic cockroach loves cracks and fissures. Hatching generally takes place within 15/35 days and there are 7 nymphal stages. Only after 31 weeks, then, the insect has the possibility to reproduce.

The American cockroaches, on the contrary, have a typical dark brown color, are very well modelled and are symmetrical. Their length is of 0,8 cm and, therefore, they are very easily detectable. The eggs that can be contained in this ooteca are 16.

The problem, however, is that each female even manages to lay one ooteca every 7 days. As for the place, usually the chosen one is very well hidden as well as particularly protected.

The ootecas that can be identified vary from 15 to even 90.

Each egg hatches after 29/58 days and in order to become effectively fertile it must pass from 9 to 13 so-called nymphal states. In practice, they must pass from 22 to 139 days.

As explained above, identifying the ootecas is not at all easy and getting confused is very simple. Starting by analyzing the places where they could be deposited, however, is a good start to get a positive result. Cellars, wardrobes, attics, drawers: in general, it is here that cockroaches decide to lay their eggs while waiting to hatch.

How To Eliminate Cockroach Eggs?

If finding cockroaches’ eggs is a real undertaking, another major undertaking is to eliminate them permanently from your home.

First of all, it should be pointed out that you should stay as far away as possible from any kind of do-it-yourself solution. The classic methods used to eliminate traditional cockroaches unfortunately do not have any kind of repercussion on the eggs and, therefore, the risk is to have to deal with a real invasion.

If you really want to eliminate the eggs in a definitive way, the only thing to do is to proceed with a real disinfestation which must be carried out in two phases: first by moving the ootecas from where they are and, only afterwards, by destroying them, in order to prevent the hatching from happening. What should not be overlooked, then, is the cleaning of the place in which the ootecas in question are located. This environment, in fact, must be disinfected to perfection in order to avoid having to deal with a few traps.

Depending on the scale of the problem, it is also useful to consider contacting a company specialising in disinfestation to resolve the problem quickly and effectively.


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