Cockroach In The House? Here’s How To Eliminate It

Cockroach In The House? Here’s How To Eliminate It

The cockroach in the house is an insect that not only creates discomfort and disgust, but also causes damage to human health. If you’ve noticed them, the cockroach extermination task must come first. Also called a cockroach, this small animal quickly reproduces under favorable environmental conditions. Mild temperature, humidity and availability of food and water make the cockroach create a colony in the place it considers perfect to settle.

The favorite places for this insect are the kitchen, the cellar, the basement. The risks are many for humans living with the cockroach that can transmit even serious diseases through food contamination and create allergic reactions and asthma.

Which Types Of Cockroach Exist?

In the world there are many types of cockroaches, there are about 4000 different species. On the Italian territory 15 species have developed that are harmful both for humans and domestic animals.

Among the most widespread are the brown cockroach or Germanic cockroach, the black cockroach or Oriental cockroach, and the red cockroach or American cockroach.

All species are pests and prefer mild temperatures (25/30°) and the presence of humidity up to 70%.

These environmental conditions are easily found in today’s homes, facilitating the proliferation of the cockroach in the home.

In the case of cockroach infestation, it is very important to understand what type of insect is involved in order to establish an appropriate pest control plan to ensure that the problem is definitively solved.

Cockroach in the Kitchen: How to Locate it?

The kitchen is a very popular place for cockroaches who find there the ideal environment both for the temperature and the humidity level due to the steam that is created during the preparation of food. In addition, cockroaches can easily find food and water in the kitchen.

Discovering the presence of cockroaches is not easy because these insects come out only at night while during the day they remain hidden, but there are some signs that indicate the presence of cockroaches.

Usually you will notice the presence of cockroaches in the kitchen when you enter at night for a snack and have a rather unpleasant encounter with the small animal that quickly crosses the kitchen floor and makes the unconscious guest jump out of fright. The vision of a cockroach warns that there may be many others hidden, if the encounter takes place during the day it is even more alarming and it is good to act quickly to eliminate the pest.

You can also find the ootecas, cocoons or containers of the beetle’s eggs in which they are laid and which serve as protection while waiting to hatch. The sight of the casings is an unmistakable sign of the presence of cockroaches.

The excrements are also a clear sign of the cockroach passing through the house, these can be recognized because they are similar to coffee powder with a length of about 1mm. The droppings can be observed on the walls especially near possible shelters where the pests hide during the daytime.

Another sign to pay attention to is the typical unpleasant smell reminiscent of mold, very intense if there is a massive presence of cockroaches. Signs of gnawing of paper, cardboard, plastic indicate the presence of cockroaches that love this kind of activity, so do not underestimate the damage, even slight but inexplicable to objects of these materials.

The cockroaches are easily hidden in the kitchen where they find many hiding places especially in cracks in the wall, near appliances in particular if they create heat such as oven, microwave, coffee machine. Even wet areas such as sinks, drainpipes are places loved by cockroaches that often come up from the pipes and reach the houses where they create entire colonies.

How To Remedy The Presence Of The Cockroach In The House

After establishing the presence of cockroaches in the house, it is important to understand where these annoying pests come from. The cockroaches could come from several sources. Water pipes and sewers are the most likely, especially if there are cracks and damage that give the insects an easy passage. Another way for cockroaches to get into houses is through packaging or inside used appliances and furniture that have an infestation or developing ooteca inside them. Even a trip can reserve the invisible surprise of cockroaches or eggs being brought into the home with suitcases that have been infested during vacation or transportation.

How To Remedy The Presence Of Cockroaches?

If you notice that you are infested with cockroaches, it is important to thoroughly clean the house in every corner using a powerful vacuum cleaner and appropriate detergents. It is also important to check that there are no openings in the sewer and water pipes in the kitchen and in the bathroom and, if necessary, to repair them immediately. Make sure that there are no cracks in the walls and isolate any possible hiding places or ways in which cockroaches can enter the house. Another precaution and temporary remedy is to seal the skirting boards and edges of the sink as well as the bath or shower with silicone to close any cracks.

The cockroach feeds on food and water, avoid leaving remains and crumbs as well as sources of water helps to drive away the cockroaches that will not find the necessary sustenance and will move to other places.

Close the food in well sealed containers or bags also to avoid contact with cockroaches that would cause contamination of food and drinks with possible pathogens carried by insects.

Rubbish is also an excellent source of food for cockroaches, so it is advisable to remove the rubbish from the home every day.

Cockroach Pest Control In The Home

In case of a strong cockroach infestation in the house it is not sufficient to act with a deep cleaning and the use of special insecticide, it is necessary to urgently request the intervention of professionals.

Professional exterminators will act first of all by carrying out an inspection to verify the actual presence of cockroaches and identify the species present on the infested site. After this first inspection, an action plan will be established to definitively eliminate each adult specimen but also the eggs and larvae hidden in every possible crevice and hiding place.

The targeted intervention not only destroys any presence of cockroaches in the house but also avoids their possible return in the future by eliminating any place at risk and suggesting the behaviors to be kept to prevent the formation of cockroach colonies that would inevitably damage the health of people and pets present in the house. Pest control professionals use means and products that are not usable by ordinary people and that solve the cockroach problem in the home definitively giving back to the owners a healthy home and a healthy environment for adults and children.


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